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Nakamura Takuo lives in Kanazawa, a culturally rich city located on the Sea of Japan. In his work, he attempts to link the traditions of three hundred year-old Kutani ware with a modern sense of form. He works in multi-layered structures revealing his understanding in both Japanese traditional and contemporary aspects of technique, form, and design.

“I was born the second son of a potter in Kanazawa in 1945. After working in the business sector for a while, I returned to the ceramic training of my youth and apprenticed with my father, Baizan II in 1981. At the beginning, I often participated in juried public exhibitions. Since 1991, I have held my own thematic solo exhibitions, hoping that the stimulating relationship between the artist and the user will continue. I consider that the true completion of any vessel is derived through the creative implementation on the part of the user.”
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