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Katō Tsubusa

Photography by Carol Horvitz

Photography by Carol Horvitz

Katō Tsubusa - Artists - Joan B Mirviss LTD | Japanese Fine Art | Japanese Ceramics

Mint Museum collection

Born 1962, Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Born into a family with a history of pottery making that stretches back to the Momoyama Period (1573-1615), KATŌ TSUBASA learned the art form at a young age. Even though he was not initially interested in ceramics, he decided to pursue pottery making after travelling extensively in his youth. Upon graduating from the Tajimi City Ceramic Design Institute in 1979, Katō entered a studio where he mixed clay and worked on mass-produced pots. Within five years, Katō had built his own kiln in Tomika-chō and exhibited at the Asahi Ceramic Art Exposition. The rapid pace at which his career took off speaks to the true talent that he is.

Currently, Katō is working exclusively with clay from New Zealand. He carves his works, sometimes incorporating fragments that have resulted from the force applied to the clay during this process back into the pieces. His works manifest motion, not tranquility. Random glaze reactions in the kiln and his formative process combine in complex ways to create his works of sharpness and tension that are often inspired by the sharp jagged edges of swords or knives. The rough surfaces serve to emphasize and accent the natural flaws in clay.

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