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Antiques and the Arts Weekly, June 2012

Five Japanese Women Ceramists At Joan B. Mirviss Ltd Gallery

June 13

Antiques and the Arts Weekly, June 2012

Some flaunt the limitation of their medium, as Ogawa who scores and tears her clay or Futamura who collapses her vessels, while others defy the medium altogether, like Sakurai with her fascinating perforated porcelain technique. All five are masters of their medium at the vanguard of the development of Japanese ceramics.
This exhibition explores the dramatically increasing importance of Japanese women artists in the current ascendancy of contemporary Japanese ceramics on a global stage, and focuses on how their relationships to France have influenced, and indeed enabled, the five showcased artists to find their unique voices. Spanning two generations, these five women reflect the changes occurring both in Japan and in the filed internationally and are clearly pioneers, especially when viewed from an historical perspective.

Download a PDF of the article by clicking here.

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