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Winter Show 2019

Antiques & The Arts Weekly

NEW YORK CITY - "The Five Elements" - Gogyō / Five Japanese Masters of the Art of Clay" features the work of Yoshikawa Masamichi (b. 1946), Futamura Yoshimi (b. 1959), Kakurezaki Ryuichi (b. 1950), Kaneta Masanao (b. 1953), and Kondo Takahiro (b. 1958). These internationally known ceramists offer the American public a rare look inot the world of contemporary Japanese clay drawn from the aesthetics of ancient Asia, refined and reworked in a thoroughly modern context.

Each artist approaches his or her work from a variety of different technical and aesthetic perspectives, ranging from sculptural to functional work; stoneware to porcelain; monochrome to polychrome glazing; and single to as many as four separate firings. The exhibition will include ceramics ranging from those employing centures-old traditions using white Hagi glaze and blue and white (sometsuke) decoration to innovative patented metallic glazing.

The title "Five Elements or Gogyō" refers to an ancient Chinese system of describing the physical world according to the five natural principles: wood, fire, earth, metal and water that became an integral part of Taoism. In Japan, such traditional Chinese philosophical concepts were incorporated into Neo-Confucian teachings that flourished during the Edo period (1603-1868)

The Winter Show is at 643 Park Avenue, at 67th Street. or information call Joan B. Mirviss Ltd, 212-799-4021 or

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