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A confident return for Asia Week New York

March 16, 2018


In the field of ceramics, a number of excellent works are on show. A joint exhibition by Kaikoko and Chambers Fine Art provides an intriguing pairing, placing Neolithic Chinese and Japanese pots side by side, to show how the respective aesthetic values of the two cultures - formality and strucure versus organic freedom - were evident even 2,500 years ago. Joan B Mirviss introduces three modern clay artists from Japan who are little-known in the west but whom she believes have 'contributed to altering the style and aesthetic of Japanese ceramic history'. One is Matsui Kosei (1927-2003), a priest and potter who revived the 'neriage' technique for marbling clay, creating his own version; a sort of mille-feuille of thin layers of differently coloured clays which he would then throw and sometimes chisel.

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