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Ceramics Now magazine highlights Listening to Clay

Ceramics Now magazine highlights Listening to Clay
Ceramics Now magazine highlights Listening to Clay
Ceramics Now magazine highlights Listening to Clay
Ceramics Now magazine highlights Listening to Clay
Ceramics Now magazine highlights Listening to Clay

Listening to Clay at Joan B Mirviss LTD, New York
August 10, 2022 | in Exhibitions


Listening to Clay at Joan B Mirviss LTD
New York | July 19 – August 26, 2022

All sixteen artists showcased in Listening to Clay: Conversations with Contemporary Japanese Ceramic Artists (Monacelli Press/release date: June 14, 2022) are participating in this exhibition in honor of the book’s publication. Works that best embody the inspirations, challenges, and achievements of their distinguished careers have been selected for this special exhibition.

Most of the artists have been long represented by Joan B Mirviss LTD, who has witnessed their impressive artistic development over the decades. Accompanied by the rich personal stories found within the book, the clay works on offer in the exhibition Listening to Clay represent these artists’ innovative brilliance and encapsulate the diversity of ceramics in Japan today.

Across many journeys to Japan, and multiple intimate conversations with each master artist, Alice and Halsey North, pioneering collectors and museum patrons, together with Louise Allison Cort, Curator Emerita of Ceramics, National Museum of Asian Art, Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC), have compiled these discussions and added their valuable insights into a beautifully illustrated collector’s volume, only now available. It uniquely brings together the very personal stories of these artists whose work range across a variety of traditions, styles, and techniques that characterize Japan’s exciting modern clay landscape. Conversations with artists who were born into legacy pottery-making families steeped in tradition are presented alongside those with the first women to study clay in newly-established university degree programs. The gallery exhibition Listening to Clay likewise showcases this trailblazing array of talent and ingenuity.

The gallery exhibition runs from July 19 to August 26, 2022, and features works by all sixteen artists in the book, Listening to Clay (listed in chronological order):
Hayashi Yasuo (b. 1928), Mishima Kimiyo (b. 1932), Morino Hiroaki Taimei (b. 1934), Kohyama Yasuhisa (b. 1936), Miyashita Zenji (1939-2012), Miwa Ryūkishō (Kyūsetsu XII/ Ryōsaku) (b. 1940), Koike Shōko (b. 1943), Ogawa Machiko (b. 1946), Fukami Sueharu (b. 1947), Kakurezaki Ryūichi (b. 1950), Miwa Kyūsetsu XIII (Kazuhiko) (b. 1951), Akiyama Yō (b. 1953), Kaneta Masanao (b. 1953), Yagi Akira (b. 1955), Kitamura Junko (b. 1956), and Kondō Takahiro (b. 1958).

The book Listening to Clay can be purchased online through Amazon or its publisher Monacelli Press, a division of Phaidon. Copies will also be available to purchase at Joan B Mirviss LTD during the exhibition.

About Joan B. Mirviss LTD
With more than forty-five years of experience, Joan B. Mirviss is a pillar in the field of Japanese art. As a dealer, scholar, curator, and advisor, she has been the driving force championing the top Japanese clay artists, who she represents exclusively, and whose works she has placed in major museums around the globe. Widely published as a highly respected expert, Mirviss has built many institutional and private collections of Japanese art. JOAN B MIRVISS LTD exhibits modern and contemporary Japanese ceramics, ukiyo-e, and Japanese paintings from its exclusive Madison Avenue location in New York City.

Joan B Mirviss LTD
39 East 78th Street Suite 401
New York, NY 10075
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