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Hayashi Kaku featured on Asia Week New York

In anticipation of her first solo exhibition outside Japan

Hayashi Kaku featured on Asia Week New York

Hayashi Kaku | ETERNAL CURRENTS, Joan B Mirviss LTD
November 30, 2022–January 13, 2023

Eternal Currents marks the first solo exhibition outside Japan for highly respected and influential ceramic artist Hayashi Kaku. After decades of exploring clay’s malleability, Hayashi has created confidently formed sculptures covered in strongly contrasting glazes that express the elemental force of Nature. Her latest dynamic series, created exclusively for this exhibition, draw inspiration from the majestic and spiritually significant Kegon waterfall in Nikko that has been celebrated by Japanese artists since antiquity. Located near her home and studio in Tochigi Prefecture, the waterfall and surrounding landscape have long been a source of inspiration for her artistic practice. More recently, she has imbued these works with a renewed vigor despite the isolation and uncertainty of the past few years. Through expressive clay sculptures, Hayashi Kaku explores both the variable and immovable forces ever-present in Nature in her powerful international debut at Joan B Mirviss LTD.

Upcoming Zoom Talk:
Thursday, December 8, 2022 at 5pm ET
Eternal Currents: The Tidal Impact of Japanese Women Clay Artists and Charting a Course for the Future
ZOOM Gallery Talk hosted by Joan B Mirviss LTD
The massive surge in innovation and international stature of Japan’s contemporary ceramic arts can be traced to the rapid incorporation of women into the field in just the past few decades. Once they were finally allowed to get their hands in clay, women artists have provided a burst of creative energy that has pushed the medium into unexpected directions. To discuss the sea change in Japan’s venerated centuries-old, male-dominated ceramic tradition, gallery artist Hayashi Kaku will be joined by Professor Todate Kazuko, a highly respected scholar of Japanese ceramics, and curator Russell Kelty, who recently organized a Japanese sculptural ceramics exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia and authored the accompanying handsome publication. Each panelist will examine, from their unique perspective, the unstoppable tide of creative talent from Japanese women clay artists, and at the same time reflect upon the accompanying challenges for them in charting a course through unknown waters.

RUSSELL KELTY, Curator, Asian Art at Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA), Adelaide, Australia
TODATE KAZUKO, Professor at Tama Art University, Tokyo and respected scholar of ceramics
MINA LEVIN, Japanese clay art collector and museum patron based in North Carolina
Moderated by JOAN MIRVISS

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