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Highlights from Asia Week New York in Asian Art Newspaper

Highlights from Asia Week New York in Asian Art Newspaper
Highlights from Asia Week New York in Asian Art Newspaper

Asian Art Newspaper
March 2024
AWNY Gallery Shows

Now firmly back in the international art calendar, this year’s Asia Week New York (AWNY) marks 15 years of celebrating Asian and Islamic world art. A mix of 26 international and US dealers have come together to showcase works of art in Manhattan. Te main event runs from 14 to 22 March. As usual, Asia Week New York coincides with the Spring sales at the auction houses, who are also both hosting physical and online sales. For ease, we are frst listing a selection of the in-gallery shows followed by online only activities. More information can be found on the AWNY website, including all the connected events –


ETERNAL PARTNERSHIP Japanese Ceramics in Blue & White Joan B Mirviss, 14 to 22 March

This year, the gallery features blue and white ceramics through the lens of the esteemed Kyoto-based Kondo family. Across multiple generations, their mastery of sometsuke (cobalt blue-and-white porcelain) culminates in the work of our celebrated gallery artist, Kondo Takahiro (b 1958), who broke free of his forefathers’ traditions with his patented gintekisai ‘silver mist’ overglaze on dramatic sculptural work. Te show includes work by 20 additional Japanese ceramic artists applying blue and/or white across a wide range of innovative forms and styles, including Hamada Shoji, Kawai Kanjiro, Kitaoji Rosanjin, Kamoda Shoji, Kusube Yaichi, Ono Hakuko, Tomimoto Kenkichi and younger contemporary talents such as Inaba Chikako, Imai Sadamasa, Kuwata Takuro and Tanaka Yu. 39 East 78th Street, Suite 401, NY 10075, tel 212 799 4021, Hours: Mon-Fri 11-6pm. Sat 16 March 11-5pm, Sun 17 March, 12-5pm

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