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Kondō Takahiro one of the highlights of Asia Week New York preview

Kondō Takahiro one of the highlights of Asia Week New York preview

Big deals in the Big Apple with Asia Week New York

Some 26 galleries will be participating in the dealers’ section of Asia Week New York either in person at a variety of city galleries or online.

Antiques Trade Gazette
28 February 2022 
By Anne Crane 

During AWNY, New York dealer Joan B Mirviss will be presenting Kondo Takahiro: Making Waves, an exhibition of sculptural works at the dealer’s East 78th street gallery. There are 30 new works in marbleised porcelain by this Contemporary artist in the show, from human-sized monolithic works to teabowls. Prices range from $8000-80,000.

Takahiro (b.1958), who is descended from a line of Kyoto blue and white porcelain masters, has always been focused on water, especially as a life-giving and spiritual force. However, following the devastating 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the artist gained new perspective on the dichotomy of water's creative and destructive powers.

In a departure from his earlier Wave artworks, Kondo incorporates a white clay into his marbleisation technique and its combination with the darker clay that appears to flow down the surfaces creates an ink on paper effect transforming the works into what he calls “porcelain ink paintings”. The works feature his signature gintekisai (silver mist) glaze resembling a morning dew effect.

Displayed alongside Takahiro’s works will be ink paintings by the Chinese artist Bingyi (b.1975) presented by the Beijing and New York gallery INKstudio.

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