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Orientations magazine spotlights Kawase Shinobu

'Mastery of Celadon' is in the November/December 2021 print issue

Orientations magazine spotlights Kawase Shinobu

ORIENTATIONS MAGAZINE -- November/ December 2021 
Gallery News

Seven years in the making, 'Kawase Shinobu: Master of Celadon' presented by Joan B Mirviss from 3 November to 20 December will celebrate the world-renowned career of Japan's most outstanding artist working within the ancient tradition of celadon. Featuring over thirty works, the exhibition showcases Kawase's latest body of work that relfects the artist's maturity in fusing contemporary forms and ancient techniques in precise, jewel-like vessels. In his early years, Kawase sought to emulate the classical forms and styles of the Song Dynasty and looked to nature for inspiration. Later in is 'turn' towards colour, the artist invented his signature enji wares of a lychee-inspired blush celadon that merges red and green in a seamless gradient. This exhibiton focuses on his vivid celadons and latest minimalist works that refrain from excessive ornamentation. (39 East 78th Street, 4th floor, New York). 

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