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Tribute to Minegishi Seikō (1952-2023)

Tribute to Minegishi Seikō (1952-2023)

Minegishi Seikō (1952-2023)

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the sudden passing of the truly gifted clay artist, Minegishi Seikō.

Born in Saitama in 1952 and trained in Nagano and Mashiko, He moved to Nasu in Tochigi in 1983, and began his pursuit of excellence in the complicated technique of celadon glazing. Most inspired by Chinese ancient Guan wares, his focus became deep craquelure covering elegant and bold stoneware forms. Collected globally, his works have been featured in ceramics exhibitions throughout Japan, the United States and in Germany and in their accompanying publications. A number of works have entered the permanent collections of American museums.

I was fortunate to have visited him and his lovely wife Yoko, in Nasu several times, twice in the company of acquisitive clients. Our visits to the studio were always a highlight of our travels and his works were passionately acquired by one and all. It was an honor and joy to have worked with such a talented and delightful artist for so many years. He will be deeply missed. 
- Joan Mirviss

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