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Tribute to Wada Morihiro

(1944 - 2008)

Tribute to Wada Morihiro

It is with tremendous sadness that we note the tragic, unexpected death on September 7, 2008 of our beloved artist, Wada Morihiro, at age 63. He fought a brave, albeit thankfully brief, battle with a particularly aggressive form of pancreatic cancer.

Wada strove to distinguish himself as a creative leader in the field of contemporary Japanese ceramics. He began his artistic career in Kyoto, attending the City Fine Arts College and studying under the renowned porcelain specialist, Tomimoto Kenkichi (1886-1963). Symbolic of his underlying desire to break free from the confines of Japan's long ceramic traditions, Wada left Kyoto and established his own kiln in

Kasama, in Ibaraki not far from Tokyo. Here he felt free to fully experiment with all aspects of the art of clay. Over time Wada developed a distinctive sculptural style that incorporated two key components: form and surface patterning. The complex interplay between these two crucial elements is what has given his work great visual depth and enduring appeal. Furthermore, Wada's strong, visible connection to nature and his chosen medium has garnered acclaim from around the world and left a lasting legacy.

Beyond his remarkable and treasured works of ceramic art, Wada's charm, engaging enthusiasm, and genuine warmth will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

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