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The first, in a program of public on-line discussions organized by Joan B Mirviss LTD with Japanese artists and art experts, WINDSWEPT, a Conversation with Kino Satoshi, was held the evening of April 23, 2020. Sculptor Kino Satoshi and moderator Joan Mirviss, were joined by a panel of art collectors and experts in the field of Japanese clay art and we are most gratified to report that the 100-screen ZOOM session was totally booked. The panel included: 

Alan Beller,  long-time collector, patron of Japanese art at the Brooklyn Museum and board member of Mass MoCA. 

 Carol Conover, former specialist in Chinese works of art at Sotheby's NYC and recently retired as director of Kaikodo Asian Art. 

 Jeffrey and Carol Horvitz, leading collectors of Japanese art who work with major museums across the country in support of this growing field. 

 Robert Mintz, Deputy Director of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. 

Lisa Rotondo-McCord, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs and Curator of Asian Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art. 

Topics for the hour-long discussion ranged from the evolving complexity of Kino’s sculptures to the natural influences that inspired his most recent series, the inherent technical challenges of creating such dynamic works in the medium of unforgiving porcelain, and the reasons that museums and art collectors alike should be acquiring the work of this talented young artist.   

100 guests from North America, Europe, Taiwan, and Japan tuned in to this enlightening and engaging discussion. The gallery was delighted and honored to also welcome curators and staff from the Asian Art Museum San Francisco, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Japan Society, Crow Museum of Asian Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Arkansas Art Center, and New Orleans Museum of Art, to those who joined the discussion. Additional attendees included major supporters and long-time patrons of the Japanese clay art field such as Halsey and Alice North, Kurt and Alice Gitter, and Paul and Kathy Bissinger. It proved to be a most timely and much-needed vehicle to bring the Japanese art community together again during these trying times. 

Comments following the Windswept discussion were many and varied: 

It was great fun and also educational.  I did like seeing some old friends and being able to connect faces with names.  I look forward to future Zooms.  I agree that Kino has elevated his art to a new level.  The sophistication of flow, balance, proportion has reached new heights and reminds me of that found in other great examples of three- dimensional objects.  It is exciting to know that he is still so very young and has decades of development ahead. (seasoned collector)

What a coup. You did it!!  It was exciting, informative, fun/playful, and warming at the same time.  

Exactly what everyone needed. Kino-san came off as amazingly talented and smart and had just the perfect amount of charisma. Your panel was excitingly perfect. (filmmaker)

Grateful to have been able to attend a panel conversation and global gathering of over 100 Japanese ceramic art enthusiasts on the work of contemporary artist Kino Satoshi speaking from Japan, hosted and organized by Joan Mirviss in New York, without having to leave my home desk. Thank you Joan Mirviss! (collector)

 It was so meaningful to me to be socially, creatively, and intellectually stimulated by your ZOOM salon last night. I loved the art and the work last night, and the way it glistened, reminded me of the sculptural work of Ken Price. But to be brought into your gallery, listen to your intelligent comments and questions, see and hear others who were smart and thoughtful, while I am unable to see art outside my home was a delight, and this morning I woke up feeling different. (perceptive New Yorker)

You proved the relevance of culture, and that it is truly essential, at least for some of us. 

The staff at Joan B. Mirviss LTD would like to thank the distinguished panelists, Kino Satoshi and his artistic collaborator and fiancée Christine Wang for such a rousing conversation. Secondly, we would like to extend a huge thank you to our audience for their attendance, enthusiasm, and unwavering support.  

This zoom conversation marked the opening of the gallery’s online selling exhibition  Windswept, Porcelain Sculpture by Kino Satoshi that is available on our website through May 15th.