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Akashi Ryōtarō 明石 竜太郎

Akashi Ryōtarō
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Born 1971, Oita Prefecture, Japan

After encountering the celadon masterpieces of Itaya Hazan (1872-1963), Akashi was inspired to become a potter. He studied at the Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, where he completed undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition to making his own ceramics, he is an instructor at Ryūbō Ceramics School and the Design College, Nihon Kōgakuin.

For his unique patterning, Akashi draws inspiration from the natural world, whether it be a sea creature, plant, or the microscopic patterning of a blood cell. Through them, he hopes to inspire his viewers to feel life’s underlying rhythms.

He shapes his carved, glazed, and polished ceramics using porcelain or black clay. Then, he finishes each piece, either wheel-thrown or hand-built, with gold, silver, or platinum glaze. It is this wide variety of shapes and surface decoration coupled with extraordinary textures and a unique palette that have earned Akashi recognition in the world of Japanese ceramics.

A true contemporary artist, Akashi refuses to be pigeon-holed as simply a ceramist and also performs as an actor, composer and musician.

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