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Fujino Sachiko 藤野 さち子

Fujino Sachiko

Photography by Fujiwara Minoru

fujino bio

Born 1950, Kyoto, Japan

FUJINO SACHIKO began her studies in the fashion design department at the Fujikawa Design School in Kyoto after which she embarked on a career as a fashion designer and fabric dyer. A pottery class first introduced her to the ceramic world and resulted in her enrollment at the Tetsukayama Junior College, where she became the pupil of the pioneering female ceramic artist Asuka Tsuboi (b. 1932). Fujino’s Japanese ceramics reflect her background in textiles in the crimping, folding, and tucking of her gently textured stoneware. She enhances this effect through the use of an airbrush device that sprays slip and occasionally colored glaze, adding depth to the otherwise unadorned surface. Her work is owned by many museums in this country. 

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