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Fukami Sueharu 深見 陶治

Fukami Sueharu
bio pt 1

Born 1947, Kyoto, Japan

Born into the family of blue and white pottery makers in Kyoto, FUKAMI SUEHARU works with seihakuji (bluish white glaze), a technique perfected during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) in Jingdezhen. Fukami is perhaps the world’s leading and most internationally recognized porcelain sculptor. He is celebrated for his horizontally- and vertically-elongated non-functional sculptures. After being molded and cast, his sculptural pieces are finished with his signature seihakuji glaze. All his pieces are executed in small editions. He has spared no efforts in improving the molding process and the tools that he uses to create his signature sharp lines. His works have been included in many exhibitions throughout the world and acquired by major museums in Japan, the US, and Europe.

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