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Mihara Ken's unique style is the culmination of a thoughtful dialogue between potter and clay. Using materials from his native Shimane prefecture, Mihara constructs each work through an organic creative process. His hand-formed works possess a strong linear quality while at the same time incorporating soft, delicate curves to create a unique combination of subtlety and solidity. Elegant shapes, often drawn from ancient forms or more currently inspired by the tradition of origami, are fully sculptural and successful from every vantage point. With repeated firings at high temperatures, the surfaces of these vessels radiate subtle and soft colors ranging from deep gray to peach to misty white and purple.

While younger than most of his equally prominent colleagues, Mihara is able to convey in his vessels a confident design sense, sophisticated style and brilliance of execution of a far more mature artist. This creative brilliance has been widely recognized by Japanese critics as evidenced by the awarding of numerous prestigious prizes and grants.



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