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November 2016 Gallery Solo Exhibition

Morino Hiroaki Taimei is renowned for his ability to create consistently elegant and bold forms that can stand alone or work as functional ceramic vessels. A Japanese designer of the highest caliber, Morino is able to fashion surface patterns that beautifully reflect his Kyoto heritage. In addition, he specializes in large-scale sculptural works and has received many important commissions for such works. Besides his classical ceramic training with masters and National Treasures, Kenkichi Tomimoto and Yoshimichi Fujimoto, Morino was also influenced while in the West as a teacher in the art department of the University of Chicago. He has participated in hundreds of shows in Japan, Europe, the United States and Australia. The international flavor of his work has captured the eye of collectors’ worldwide. His functional work is all hand-built and double-glazed with subdued combinations of red, green, black, blue, white and silver glazes. The surface decoration always perfectly compliments the form of each vessel.

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