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Sugiura Yasuyoshi

Sugiura Yasuyoshi
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Born 1949, Tokyo, Japan

After graduating in 1973 from Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music with a focus in industrial arts, Sugiura Yasuyoshi went on to complete his postgraduate studies in ceramic arts under Living National Treasures Fujimoto Yoshimichi Nōdō (1919-1992) and Tamura Kōichi (1918-1987). In the 1980s and 90s, he created two monumental, non-functional installations series entitled “Ceramic Stones” and “Ceramic Forests,” each inspired by the natural world surrounding his studio in Manazuru near Atami.

Growing tired of these abstractions, Sugiura began sculpting realistic depictions of flowers. His precise technique united perfectly with the delicacy of his subject matter. The resulting sculptures led to an award at the First Annual Paramita Museum Ceramic Art Exhibition and a travel award from Musée Tomo to study in West Africa. Over the years, Sugiura has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. His sculptures can now be found in major museum collections in Japan, Taiwan and the United States and even the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, Kyoto.

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