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ITŌ HIDEHITO (b. 1971)
Craquelure celadon-glazed wide conical teabowl with notched rim and raised foot
Glazed porcelain
2 1/8 x 6 3/8 in.

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For his New York debut at Joan B Mirviss LTD, ITŌ HIDEHITO has boldly tackled the long, storied tradition of celadon and engaged with its daunting array of styles. Earlier in his career, he experimented with white porcelain (hakuji) and marbleized (nerikomi) porcelain, but his dedicated study of Song Dynasty ceramics has led to his latest body of work that dives into the variety of celadon types using the exceedingly difficult craquelure technique. Itō was born in Gifu Prefecture, the historic region at the heart of Japan’s longstanding ceramic tradition and, through artists such as Itō, stands at the center of its most innovative interpretations.  

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This conical teabowl is a prime example of Itō’s contemporary exploration of classical styles. The delicately foliated rim recalls the features of Longquan celadon ware from the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The wide mouth and gently tapering sides of the bowl’s interior broadly shows off Itō’s mastery of glaze application, resulting in an extraordinary craquelure effect rippling from rim to center. Through the thinness of their walls, delicacy of form, and elegance of the glazing, Itō's works always convey a remarkable sense of natural movement.


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