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Kato Yasukage

The International Asian Art Fair

March 28 – April 2, 2003

Installation view

Installation view

Press Release

Powerful forms and exquisitely pure glazes characterize his seemingly traditional
ware. His work reveals a remarkable assimilation of traditional aesthetics that is
redefined within a modern and highly personal oeuvre; this is particularly evident
in his forceful sculptural vessels. His smaller functional works are a joy to hold,
always perfectly balanced, sensuous to the touch and dazzling in the richness of his
glazes. He is one of the very few artists left in Gifu still wood firing in the manner of
his ancestors. At the remarkably young age of 36 Katô Shôji was designated the
fourteenth master in this celebrated family of artists and received the new name of
Yasukage. The exhibition of Katô Yasukage's work at the International Asian Art
Fair will include more than thirty works that range from soaring and sweeping
sculptural forms to intimate tea bowls and sake cups. This will be the artist's first
exhibition outside Japan.