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The Betsy and Robert Feinberg Collection

Japanese Ceramics for the Twenty-first Century

Robert Mintz with essays by Betsy Feinberg and Joan B Mirviss

The Betsy and Robert Feinberg Collection


Ceramics have played an important role in the artistic and daily life of Japan for thousands of years. The last century, however, has witnessed an extraordinary efflorescence in the art of Japanese ceramics, giving rise to exquisite and diverse works, ranging from rough stoneware to delicate porcelain and from utilitarian objects to highly imaginative ceramics that unite the arts of sculpture, painting, poetry, and philosophy.

This catalogue presents one of the finest collections of these contemporary ceramics, brought together over the course of thirty years by Betsy and Robert Feinberg. More than 160 pieces by 100 artists showcase a stunning diversity of styles, unified by their engagement with Japan’s long ceramic tradition.