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Artnet selects Joan B Mirviss LTD as a Winter Show highlight

Rare treasures abound at The Winter Show 2024

Artnet selects Joan B Mirviss LTD as a Winter Show highlight

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From an Elliptical Piano to a Renaissance Altarpiece—Rare Treasures Abound at New York’s Winter Show
The theme this year is Americana.
Lee Carter, January 19, 2024


The Winter Show has again returned to the vaulted vastness of the Park Avenue Armory, on New York’s Upper East Side, to delight and dazzle spectators, professional and not, with a plethora of curious art and design objects that stretch back centuries. They hail from all corners of the world; however, the theme this year is Americana.

Now in its 70th year, the show has corralled 70 international exhibitors (those matching numbers were, apparently, just a coincidence). Newbies include Jill Newhouse Gallery (New York), which presents 19th- and 20th-century European drawings and paintings; Jon Szoke Gallery (New York), experts in Old Master material; Peter Harrington (London), showcasing rare books and manuscripts; and Galerie Léage (Paris), who, sharing a booth with Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz (Paris), is showcasing exceptional 18th-century objects and furniture...


"This eye-popping booth from Joan B. Mirviss—an American dealer and scholar on the au courant topic of Japanese ceramics—looks at the modern and contemporary clay art of 20 female Japanese artists spanning three generations. These women, according to the gallery, “overcame social and cultural barriers to express both eloquence and strength.” Especially eloquent are Fujino Sachiko’s Imagery ’23-1 (2023) and Tanaka YĆ«’s red trompe l’oeil glazed stoneware sculpture (2023) resembling a knotted wrapping cloth. Anyone interested in this genre should check out 'Radical Clay: Contemporary Japanese Women Artists,' currently on view at the Art Institute of Chicago, featuring works by many of the same artists."


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