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Parents and students from PS 59 Beekman Hill International near Japan Society's headquarters delivered money in person for the fund, and "a man from the Bronx organized an outdoor barbecue in the freezing cold and delivered over $3,000," says Shannon Jowett, director of communications for Japan Society.

As of Wednesday, a little more than $3.5 million has come in from over 11,700 donations. Among the thousands of donors is gallerist Joan Mirviss who specializes in Japanese art. With a personal gift and a percentage of profits from recent sales from her gallery, she's donated $10,500 so far.

The disaster happened around the time of "Asia Week," a citywide collaboration of Asian art specialists, cultural institutions, galleries, museums and auction houses. Ms. Mirviss worked to get news of Japan Society's fund out to Asia Week participants and delivered fliers to auction houses and dealers.

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