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Kitamura Junko studied under two extremely influential figures in the world of Japanese ceramics, one a co-founder of the avant-garde Sodeisha group, Suzuki Osamu (1926-2001), and the other, Kondo Yutaka (1932-83), a professor at Kyoto City University of Art where Kitamura completed her MFA. Inspired by the ancient 15th century Korean tradition of punch’ong ware with slip-inlay, Kitamura creates thickly walled, wheel-thrown ceramic vessels with intricate impressed designs, consisting of miniscule concentric dots and geometric punching. Her designs give the appearance of melding together with the adjoining configurations to make intricate patterns recalling textiles or celestial constellations when inlaid with a creamy white slip. Kitamura’s contemporary clay forms have been featured in solo and group shows across the globe and now grace numerous museum collections around this country.