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Morino Hiroaki Taimei

Morino Hiroaki Taimei

Photography by Paul J. Smith

bio pt 1

Born 1934, Kyoto, Japan

MORINO HIROAKI TAIMEI is renowned for his ability to create elegant and bold forms that can stand alone or work as functional vessels. A designer of the highest caliber, Morino is able to fashion surface patterns that beautifully reflect his Kyoto heritage. In addition, he specializes in large-scale sculptural works and has received many important commissions for such works. Aside from his classical ceramic training with masters and National Treasures, Tomimoto Kenkichi (1886-1963) and Fujimoto Yoshimichi Nōdō (1919-1992), Morino was also influenced by his time spent as a teacher in the art department of the University of Chicago. He has participated in hundreds of shows in Japan, Europe, the United States, and Australia. The international flavor of his work has captured the eye of collectors worldwide. His functional work is all hand-built and double-glazed with subdued combinations of red, green, black, blue, white and silver glazes. The surface decoration always perfectly complements the form of each vessel.

bio pt 2

University of Michigan Museum of Art collection

Selected Public Collections:

Aichi Prefecture Ceramic Research Center, Japan
Ariana Museum, Geneva, Switzerland
Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA
Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand
Birmingham Museum of Art, AL
Brooklyn Museum, NY
Campus Martius Museum, Marietta, OH
Cleveland Museum of Art, OH
Emba Museum of Chinese Modern Art, Japan
Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca, NY

bio pt 2 B

Cleveland Museum of Art collection

Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo, Japan
Japan Art Academy, Tokyo, Japan
Japan Foundation, Tokyo, Japan
Jingu Museum, Ise, Japan
Kanazawa Gakuin University, Japan
Kure Municipal Museum of Art, Japan
Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan
Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Japan
Kyoto Prefectural Museum, Japan
Kyoto Prefecture Library and Archives, Japan
Kyoto State Guest House, Japan
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo, Japan
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France
Musée national de cèramique, Sèvres, France
Musée Tomo, Tokyo, Japan
Museo Municipal de Ceramica de Manises, Spain
Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo, Japan
Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague, Czech Republic
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

bio pt 3

National Museum of Asian Art, Smithsonian, Washington, DC

Selected Public Collections (continued):

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX
Museum of Kyoto, Japan
Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama, Japan
Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu, Japan
National Museum of Asian Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan
National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
New Orleans Museum of Art, LA
Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, Cooks Hill, Australia
Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA
Philadelphia Art Museum, PA
Portland Art Museum, OR
Royal Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Seattle Art Museum, WA
Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, South Korea

bio pt 4

Portland Art Museum collection

Selected Public Collection (continued):

Shigaraki Ceramics Cultural Park, Japan
Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, IL
Spencer Museum, University of Kansas, KS
St. Louis Museum of Art, MO
Takamatsu City Museum of Art, Japan
Tokoname City Board of Education, Japan
University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, MI
Vallauris Museum of Ceramics, France
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK
Walters Museum, Baltimore, MD
World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Seoul, South Korea

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